The Accompanist Project

The Accompanist Project 
by Studio Verdegaal

Project management and coaching for artists and creative freelancers

Start your project and facilitate your creative talent!

What is The Accompanist Project?

“I work with the philosophy that everyone has his or her talent. A unique combination of skills and ideas that will lead to something special. I can facilitate and structure your project and I support you with creative feedback.”

The ideal goal is to create a platform which allows artists to grow. Right now you’re a professional artist or you are not. I want there to be a step in between. That step will be a controlled environment where you lay the foundation to start your project or business. Along the way, you will find problems and uncertainties. That happens to everybody. I will act as the problem solver in your team.

The idea is simple. You have a passion and you want to do something with that. This can be anything creative! You have an idea for an artistic project, a creative business, or something like that. In this case, you can contact me. Free of any obligations we can meet to discuss the options.

In my work, I will help you organise your project. I will provide you with a clear overview of opportunities and things to do. I help avoid unnecessary disturbances, so you can focus on your work and your development as an artist.

I exchange information with third parties and I make sure everybody is up to date. I create understandable patterns and short lines of communication. This way it is clear who has what information, who has what task and what the overall status of the project is.

I work commissioned or on a project basis. Feel free to contact me about the costs.

Events and campaigns

As your “accompanist” I want to help you generate an income. The goal is that in the future you can make a living being an artist. Together we will look at possibilities to start a cash flow. As an artist, you will always be in charge. You are in full control of this process. If you don’t feel good about a campaign, we won’t do it.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Start an original promotional campaign
  • Create a webshop in which you can offer work or products you created
  • Find stores that can sell your art or items you created
  • Set up workshops so you can teach your skills
  • Create high-quality merchandise, like Fashion, household accessories and/or prints
  • Find suitable partnerships or sponsors
  • Organise events where you can promote your work or your brand
  • Find a necessary venue, studio, workplace etc.
  • I can help you find out information about the necessary permits, insurances, etc.

Online assistance 

In case it is necessary I can take care of the online media.

This means:

  • Creating a website and/or webshop
  • Maintain your website (webmaster)
  • Organise a photoshoot or take photo’s myself
  • Take care of inventory
  • Organise project files
  • Design promotional material

What is an Accompanist?


Noun [C] /əˈkʌm.pə.nɪst/

(Classical Music) a person who plays a musical accompaniment for another performer, esp a pianist accompanying a singer.

“An accompanist is a musician who plays an accompaniment part. Accompanists often play keyboard instruments (e.g., piano, pipe organ, synthesizer or, in folk music and traditional styles, a guitar. (…) The term accompanist also refers to a musician (typically a pianist) who plays for singers, dancers, and other performers at an audition or rehearsal—but who does not necessarily participate in the ensemble that plays for the final performance (which might be an orchestra or a big band).” Source: Wikipedia

How am I an accompanist?

Like an accompanist I will be guiding and assisting you. Only I will do this at the beginning of an interesting new chapter in your life. Cultural and/or social projects, business ideas, your latest invention etc.