Music Production

I work solo or in collaboration with other creatives from all sorts of backgrounds. I enjoy small scale experimental projects but also commercial opportunities if the connection with my work is there.

The projects that I prefer have a melancholic and cinematic character, with preferably out of the box thinking and respect for the unique talent each artist can add to the project.

Artist Coaching

Besides being a coach, I am also a musician. Being a musician is always special, and I feel blessed that music and creativity are playing a significant role in my life. But sometimes it can be tough, and I see that too often around me.

Artists and people with creative jobs usually put a lot of pressure on their work and develop burn-out symptoms or might suffer from depression. This also happened to me a few years ago.

During this time, I started talking to therapists and coaches, but besides that they were qualified people, I missed a particular connection. Because of my experience being a musician, I can reduce that gap as a coach.

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