My name is Joeri, and I want to help you get better results from your home studio. Together we will see what the best way for you to record your music is and I will teach you tips and tricks on how you can master your production process.

The lessons are fully tailored to your wishes. We will look at what you need and how we will achieve the set goals. We do this through a free and no-obligation intake interview. Do you feel a click with my method and are you enthusiastic about the plans? Then we get started.

As the title suggests, the lessons consist of two parts that you can combine to your liking:

  • Songwriting: You have written songs, but you feel that they are not finished yet. Or you have separate pieces of music that need to be worked out (Individual couplets, choruses or just some ideas). Together we will finish your songs and make them whole. I can add songwriting tips and tricks and help with the lyrics. We can also work from new/different/weird angles. For example, playing with effects or other production tricks.
  • Music Production: You write songs, but you also want to be able to record them and create the desired sound. I teach you various techniques of recording and mixing music that applies to your projects. Also, if you’re interested, I give you explanations and advice on the software and hardware that you use and what might be suitable investments for you. All this so you can eventually produce high-quality music from your home studio. 

For who are these lessons?

The lessons are for everyone who has the dream to make music. Young and old! I don’t mind if you’re starting, or if you’re making music for a while already. Having some basic knowledge is useful but certainly not a requirement. Everyone with a passion for music is more than welcome.

So do these lessons appeal to you, or do you have questions about the possibilities? Comments or ideas about how you would like to give your spin to the lessons? Do not hesitate to contact me. I want to hear about your plans, and I always enjoy thinking along.


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